Experiences of a 17-year-old girl

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Experiences of a 17-year-old girl

I am Anna Kamma, Im 17 years old. I have had a bladder abnormality (urine loss) from an early age. I used to have bladder inflammation because I can not always urinate when I have to.

And whenever I started to do things, my bladder let go of the urine and for that I always wore panty liners or sanitary napkins. If I did not wear that then my underwear would be wet in no time and I found that very annoying. Also because it was going to smell.


I have always thought here is no solution. I have tried everything to find a solution. This summer I went to the hospital in August. I have told my problem to my physiotherapist at the UMCG. Then she told me she might have a solution for me. I was happy and had a smile on my face, 'maybe there is a solution'. She showed me Swaens underwear.


I was allowed to try this out. I immediately pulled on the underpants. And what did it feel strange from panty liners to ordinary underwear. It immediately felt fine. I tested it extensively, when I was working I thought about it all the time of 'hey what else is this'.


It felt so good and it was so good. Since then I only wear the Sweans underwear. I feel so good, from a girl with panty liners to a girl, with a dress that she can handle again I am so glad I have this I want to thank you very much !!



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