You do not have to be ashamed of it

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 You do not have to be ashamed of it

I have been using the Swaens underwear for three years now. For me a real outcome. There is a word I say to friends: 'safe'. Yes, these Swaens give me a safe feeling. And they are still beautiful too.

I'm not secretive about that. Even though I know that not everyone is open about it. Is loss of urine a taboo? On Google I read that one in four adults has to do with urine loss. So you do not have to be ashamed of that. Why would I? Shame is part of feeling guilty. And I do not.

About 7 percent suffer from incontinence every day, I read. I do not belong to that 7 percent now. Now no more, but after the birth of the second child, I started to lose urine. The cause, according to the midwife, was the long pressing, which made the nerves relax and stretched. I did not like those panty liners. After much exercise, the loss of urine became less and no longer daily. Really really nice.

Well, if I had to sneeze or laugh - and the latter I like to do - I was sometimes wet. Very annoying. And if I do strenuous things, then I also suffer from it. I like to play tennis. Then I use the Swaens boxers. They do not leak.

Now that I am in the transition, I have a little more trouble with urine loss. That is why I now wear the Swaens for certainty. In the meantime it looks like a commercial, but I am very but I am very happy with the panties of Swaens.

Esther (58)



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