"At last, leaving the house without a panty liner in very beautiful and nice panties! They feel good and the gusset feels pretty solid, wanted to wear them for 2 days. Those panty liners are so annoying, I can finally can get rid of them or even better stop buying them ... haha ... And these panties really gave the confidence that I can do without those panty liners!"

"Your panties fit very nicely. Frankly, It took some time to get used to not wearing panty liners but it feels really great! I gave one to a girlfriend, and she is also very excited about them!"

"Swaen’s knows how to design underwear for women who work out. Or, who are just on-the-go all day. Whether you're at the gym or supermarket, you'll love how this bikini’s stays in place! The bamboo fleece is extra soft against your skin, I love it! Thank you Zwaan and Janneke, keep u the good work!"

"Who says comfort can't come in eye-popping colors? I love the red mini, it has a pretty lace waistband, which makes this comfortable panty so pretty too! The bamboo is breathable and lightweight, which is a very comfy combination!"