Sits beautifully, almost invisible under clothing and works well! Robin

All underpants are also fine for menstruation. Barbara

I'm six months pregnant now. The Mini fits nicely under my belly. Esmee

Well-fitting underwear that works as promised. Paula

Super alternative to tampons! Mandy

Very fine and beautiful briefs. Loes

I've been using the Men's Boxer for two years now. Thank you for having them. Gerald

Basic ultra black is very fine. Esther

Product used & perfect! Good, fast and personal contact with company about a backorder! Maaike

Should have bought earlier. C.

Nice soft pants that make you feel safe. Marianne

Perfect for postpartum. Kim

Super nice incontinent pants. Hannah

"At last, leaving the house without a panty liner in very beautiful and nice panties! They feel good and the gusset feels pretty solid, wanted to wear them for 2 days. Those panty liners are so annoying, I can finally can get rid of them or even better stop buying them ... haha ... And these panties really gave the confidence that I can do without those panty liners!"

"Your panties fit very nicely. Frankly, It took some time to get used to not wearing panty liners but it feels really great! I gave one to a girlfriend, and she is also very excited about them!"

"Swaen’s knows how to design underwear for women who work out. Or, who are just on-the-go all day. Whether you're at the gym or supermarket, you'll love how this bikini’s stays in place! The bamboo fleece is extra soft against your skin, I love it! Thank you Zwaan and Janneke, keep u the good work!"

"Who says comfort can't come in eye-popping colors? I love the red mini, it has a pretty lace waistband, which makes this comfortable panty so pretty too! The bamboo is breathable and lightweight, which is a very comfy combination!"