Uncommon urinary loss

Unwanted urinary loss

As well as by men, as by womenunwanted urinary loss is a problem of frequently occurence. Together with other bladder related problems it occurs more often than diseases as asthma, diabetes and epilepsy added together. More than half of all women between 30 and 65 years old suffer from urinary loss sometimes. A lot of pergnant women lose urine unwanted. In the pregnancy 30% of all women suffer from it. Mostly complaints disappear within three months after childbirth. A year after childbirth 15% of the women still suffer from urinary loss.


Forms of urinary loss

Effort- or stressincontinence. By effort, jumping, laughing hard or sneezing, pressure appears in the stomach and the pelvic floor and one loses urine. Mostly those are little drops or small amounts of urine. This form of urinary loss is more common in women.  Urge incontinence. The signal function of the bladder ('I am full') is disturbed and is it possible that the urge can suddenly be really strong. The bladder constricts so heavily that it is not able to hold te urine anymore. In this form of incontinence thers is a case of acute urinary loss, often in big ammounts. Mixed form. The third form is a mix of the two previous ones. This one occurs when the nervesystem  around the bladder does not function optimally, mostly because of age. Often it is accompanied with coordinationloss en muscleweakness.

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