Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Swaens underwear is made from bamboo. Our customers are very pleased with the material; it feels very smooth and soft. It is light, pleasantly cool and has a nice fit. The fabric has a luxurious look.

What are the other advantages of bamboo?
It feels like silk and absorbs 60% more and faster moisture than cotton. Moreover, bamboo clothing is naturally bacterial and odor-inhibiting.

For whom are the Swaens lingerie suitable?
The unique crosses in Swaens pants are well tolerated by our clients with unwanted urine loss and customers who get allergic reactions from panty liners or bandages. It is ideal for hot summer days because it does not stick to your skin very quickly. Bamboo absorbs the moisture very well. Ideal for sports or yoga; bamboo clothing absorbs and evaporates sweat faster.

How much moisture do the pants absorb?
The Swaens Basic Ultra absorb about 60 to 70 ml. In all other ladies models, that is between 50 and 70 ml. The gentleman's boxer can take 70 to 90 ml. It depends on the speed and shape of the moisture loss in all models.

Can the Swaens be in the washing machine?
Swaens bamboo panties and boxers can simply be washed in the washing machine at 40 degrees. You can of course also handwash. In that case it is better to roll the pants after rinsing in a towel than to wring them. Due to the large moisture absorption capacity, the cross needs more time to dry. We do not recommend putting the pants in the tumble dryer.

How are the Swaens underpants made?
Bamboo fibers are at the origin of the underpants. The fibers are reformed cellulose fibers made from bamboo pulp. This pulp is a natural and environmentally friendly raw material. For the solidity of a Swaens, we combine bamboo with a different type of textile. Bamboo fibers are simply shorter than cotton fibers. The fibers from bamboo sticks are only made during the viscose production process.

Where can I find answers to send and return?
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