Bamboo textile

Bamboo Textile feels like silk and absorbs 60% more moisture than cotton. In addition, bamboo fabric is naturally antibacterial and odour inhibiting. The gussets in Swaen's panties are generally well tolerated by women who experience allergic reactions to panty liners or napkins.The Bamboo plant grows quickly without chemicals and pesticides which makes it much less damaging to the environment than for example cotton or wood.

Swaen's Bamboo underwear can be machine washed at 40 degrees and preferably in the with every order supplied washing bag. They can also be washed manually. For maximum preservation of the special gusset, it is better to gently roll the panty in a towel than to wring it. Because of the high moisture absorption, the gusset needs more time to dry. The panties tolerate mechanical drying, again preferably in the washing bag, but should be hung for a while to completely dry the gusset.